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Should Your Child See A Chiropractor?

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You probably associate your local chiropractor's office with the treatment of back pain, muscle spasms, or other joint and spinal problems—for adults. But did you know that children (even babies) can also benefit from periodic chiropractic treatment? Read on to learn more about the special types of chiropractic adjustment available for children, and how they can benefit. 

Why would a child need chiropractic treatment? 

Although a child's joints have not been subjected to the many years of wear, tear, and strain as a typical adult's joints, children do have unique chiropractic needs. Beginning at birth, when their joints and bones are compressed and squeezed through a tiny opening, and continuing through the crawling, walking (and frequent-falling) stages, children can suffer from joint misalignment and constriction. In addition, because children grow so quickly, and their bones become less pliable and more solid with age, an issue that begins as a minor misalignment may eventually become permanent—and much more difficult to treat.

Chiropractic treatment is able to re-align joints and break up any scar tissue that may have formed around misaligned joints, constricting them in an improper form. In addition, because the nerves traveling from every major organ end at the spine, ensuring that these nerves have a clear, unobstructed path can resolve other health issues, including bedwetting, constipation, or chronic nausea. If your child suffers from one of these ailments, you may wish to consult a chiropractor before seeking medication or other medical intervention. 

What types of chiropractic treatment are available for children? 

Many of the same treatments available for adults can be modified for use on children. One of the most common techniques, manual manipulation and release, can be used on a child of nearly any age. This technique involves the chiropractor's use of his or her hands to manipulate the joints to their proper alignment. You may hear a sharp "pop" or "crack" as this happens, but there should be no pain or discomfort for your child.

How should you choose a chiropractor? 

There aren't many chiropractic practices that specialize in the treatment of only children, but many regular chiropractors like Exelbert Chiropractic do have facilities and special equipment designed for children. When you make an appointment, be sure to ask what specific treatments are available for patients in your child's age group, and whether the chiropractor has experience in treating any problems or issues you've noticed with your child.