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2 Reasons To Use A Funeral Home For Memorial Services

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Losing a loved one can be very difficult, and it makes things worse when you have to take time away from mourning in order to plan a memorial service. However, a funeral home can help you out by taking care of a large portion of the memorial planning services and details. Two reasons to utilize a funeral home are to allow them to take care of the paperwork and make the arrangements.


Arranging for a funeral or memorial service after a loved one dies can actually result in quite a bit of paperwork. Dealing with paperwork is not exactly something you will want to have to worry about during the grieving process. However, the funeral home is fully capable of doing all of the required paperwork for you.

Permits are a major source of paperwork that the funeral home will take care of for you. You are going to need to have a permit to actually bury your loved, one in addition to having a permit for any funeral processions to the cemetery. The funeral home can submit the proposed route of the procession to the city and get the permit ahead of time, in order to avoid any issues with the police because of potential traffic obstructions.

Other paperwork that will need to be completed will be providing an obituary for publication. You will not need to deal with the newspapers at all. You can either write the obituary yourself, or provide the funeral home with some background information on the deceased and let them write the obituary.


A funeral can also take care of all of the arrangement for the viewing and funeral. The first part of this process will entail sending out notices to all of the family members and friends of the deceased informing them when and where the services will take place.

In addition to sending out the notices, the funeral home can handle any extra requirements. For example, if you want a wide range of flowers or specific flower arrangements, the funeral home can make sure that all of those are present at the service. In addition, if you would like the service to incorporate food afterward so that you and your family can reminisce about the deceased, the funeral home can arrange for catering.

If you need help with memorial services, then do not hesitate to contact your local funeral home today. The funeral home like Keenan Richard H Funeral Home Inc can make the whole process easier for you by taking care of all of the arrangements and necessary paperwork.