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Consider A Career In Audiology

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If you're unhappy in your current job and you're looking to make a career change, but don't know what field you should look into, the field of audiology might be one that interests you.

As an audiologist, you will be helping people who suffer from hearing problems, which by itself is very rewarding. Additionally, because the career outlook for this profession is good and it can provide a lucrative income, it may be just the career path you are looking for.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an audiologist? Here is more about education, certifications and other details pertaining to this profession.

Audiologist Defined

When someone is experiencing difficulty hearing, they see an audiologist. In this role, you will perform the following functions:

  • Perform assessments of patients hearing using specialized equipment, like audiometers
  • Assess the results of the assessments in order to diagnose hearing problems
  • Determine and prescribe treatments for those who are suffering from hearing loss
  • Provide rehabilitative service for those who are suffering from hearing loss, including lip reading and auditory training
  • Provide monitoring for surgeries related to hearing

Career Outlook for an Audiologist

The career outlook for audiologists is very positive. In fact, CareerCast ranked this profession number 6 for the 10 best jobs of 2012. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 4,300 more jobs in this field between 2012 and 2022. That's 34% faster than the average profession. In terms of salary, the median annual income was approximately $70,000 in 2012.

Becoming an Audiologist

In order to pursue a career in this field, you will first need to earn a doctorate in audiology (Aud.D.). This graduate program takes four years to complete and can be entered no matter what field you have a bachelor's degree in.

While enrolled in this program, you will take classes that pertain to anatomy, psychoacoustics, amplification, as well as a clinical practice and a practicum. Once you have successfully completed the required coursework, you will need to become licensed in audiology. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but you can expect that you will be required to successfully pass an exam that measures your knowledge of audiology.

Given the positive career outlook, the income potential and the fact that you will be helping people, a career as an audiologist is certainly a career worth considering. Talk to a professional like Central Bucks Hearing Center for more information.