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How You Can Cope With Muscle Weakness

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If you experience muscle weakness even though you have not made any changes to your life that could explain it, you might feel very confused. If you simply feel tired, you might need to get more sleep. However, if you are suffering from muscle weakness, you will have a difficult time contracting your muscles even if you feel well-rested.

Identifying the Cause

When the muscle weakness is caused by your nervous system, you may be suffering from one of several medical conditions including multiple sclerosis, a pinched nerve, a stroke or a herniated disc. To treat the condition, it is critical that your doctor help you get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms in the first place so you can treat the underlying cause.

Certain conditions will be a cause for concern and indicate that you should see a neurologist very soon. This includes difficulty raising your head, difficulty eating and an inability to speak clearly.

Getting Physical Therapy and More Exercise

Regardless of the cause of the muscular weakness, one of the most common treatments recommended by a physician is physical therapy. Regardless of how much you age or how weak you feel, exercise and physical therapy will help you feel stronger and more energetic. Try to maintain an active lifestyle by finding exercises that you can perform even if you feel very weak. Start slowly. A few minutes each day is enough for you to begin to rebuild your strength.

Building Your Life Around Occupational Therapy

Also, you will need occupational therapy to cope with muscle weakness. You will need to get into the habit of carrying lighter loads and you may need to use tools such as a dolly to transport objects that you could previously carry on your own. There are many tools designed to help you open a jar and perform other challenging tasks.

With muscular weakness often comes difficulties walking. It might be time to consider whether you should get a cane or some other device. The less tired you feel when you are not struggling as often, the less weak your muscles will feel.

Sleeping Enough

In the past, you might have gotten away with not enough sleep. However, if you are suffering from weakness, you will need to rest up so you have enough strength. If you get eight hours of sleep a night, you will be able to minimize stress. These small changes can help you overcome muscular weakness.  

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