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Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety Without Medication

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If you experience anxiety in social situations, you are not alone. As a matter of fact, roughly 15 million adult Americans experience social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety is characterized by an extreme fear of being in social situations due to the fear of judgement by other people. Oftentimes, people will realize that they have a disorder when they become overly anxious in a large group setting or if they avoid going to the store because too many people may be around them.

Both children and adults experience this disorder and there are ways to overcome it so that each individual can feel comfortable going into public.

Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

1. When you first realize that you have a disorder, you may not want to seek help. This is a normal response and you may be worried that you will be judged if you do seek help. If you are comfortable working on your own, buy or check out self-help books from the library; you can use their exercises and techniques in the privacy of your own home before venturing out.

2. Next, you can try meditation. Many individuals have found that the relaxing power of meditation allows them to sync with their inner self, which allows them to enjoy being out in public without the fear of being judged by others.

3. Another great way to overcome your social anxiety is to take it slow and introduce yourself to social situations every day. For instance, you can try going to the store a half hour before closing when you know there will be minimal people there. This will help you get used to the scene and you will be able to interact with some people at the same time.

4. Lastly, another method that works for a number of people is hypnosis. While you may be on edge about trying it, many individuals have found that it helps them reintegrate back into society; and, if you are giving meditation a try already, you'll be happy to find that hypnosis is closely linked with guided meditation and mindfulness.

Give it a Try Today

If you experience social anxiety, you can try the methods above to find some help. It is best to work slowly on your condition, but never give up--even if you think only small steps are made. Once you feel comfortable with one step, move on to the next. If you need further help, talk with a professional, like Psychological Associates of PA. You will gradually progress and soon you will be able to step into a store or social situation and not be overwhelmed with fear.