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3 Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Dental Implant

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Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is a great idea, but a lot of people do not do this simply because the costs can be high. While the cost of a dental implant can be a lot of money, the implant will be a permanent solution for your problem. If you are wondering how much an implant will cost, it is important to know these three factors that can affect the cost.

The tooth that is missing

The average cost for a single dental implant is $4,000, but that does not mean that you will pay this exact amount. The price you pay more be more or less than this, and the cost is determined by several factors. The first factor is the tooth that needs to be replaced.

A dental implant can be used to replace any tooth in your mouth; however, you will probably pay more for an implant needed for a front tooth than you will for a molar tooth. When dentists must insert implants to replace front teeth, the work can be harder. The dentist must be more precise because of looks, and there is less room for the dentist to work with in the front of the mouth.

The quality of the implant

The second factor that can affect the amount you will pay for your dental implant involves the type of material used. An implant has three main components, which are an implant, abutment, and crown. The crown is the actual tooth you will see in your mouth when the implant is finished, but crowns can be made of different materials.

Porcelain crowns are one of the most common options, but you can also choose from gold crowns or porcelain fused to metal. Porcelain crowns are usually the most expensive option you can choose, while the other options may be 10% to 20% cheaper than porcelain crowns.

Your dental insurance

The third factor that will affect the amount you pay for a dental implant is your insurance. If you have dental insurance, it might cover some of the costs. Dental insurance rarely covers all the costs, but it may cover a portion.

If you would like to get a dental implant, you can contact a dental office, such as Great Plains Oral Surgery And Implant Center,  to find out more about the process and the costs. If you can afford to get it, you will have a great solution for your missing tooth.