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Convincing Your Elderly Parent To Attend A Day Care Program

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If you care for an elderly parent, and you are finding they are having difficulties in doing things around the home when you are at work, you may be a bit worried about their well-being when you are not there to monitor their activities. Having your parent attend a senior daycare center may be very helpful for this type of scenario. Since you can care for them at other times, there is no need to have them go to a full-time facility to help them with their everyday tasks. If you do not feel comfortable with having a home health care aid come to your home, this is a great alternative. Here are some tips you can use to help convince your parent to give a senior daycare center a chance. 

Voice Your Concerns

Let your parent know you would feel much more comfortable knowing they were in a setting where they would have help if it was needed. Many seniors feel vulnerable going to a facility, so be prepared to have a bit of defiance as you speak about your worries. Inform them that this is a great solution in having them cared for by professionals while you are not able to be present. Letting them know your worries may make them more apt to think about the prospect in attending daycare sessions.

Tour A Facility

Look around for a reputable senior daycare (such as Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc.) in your area and call them to set up an appointment for a guided tour. Someone will bring you and your parent to each area of the facility so you can spectate and get familiarized with the layout of the buildings your parent will be staying in. If there is a cafeteria in the facility, attend your tour so it coincides with lunchtime. You will be able to see the procedures used in obtaining a meal and you will be able to enjoy a sample with your parent. Make sure to peek in on a few activities while you attend as well.

Make Some Acquaintances

When you are touring the facility, introduce your parent to some friendly faces. Make sure to have your parent meet staff members during this tour as well. If possible, tour the facility with others so you can meet other newcomers. They are likely to be just as nervous about the experience and may be happy to talk with you and your parent as you walk along the grounds of the day care. If your parent knows a few faces beforehand, they may be more agreeable to being dropped off at the facility for the day. You may find after a few days of attendance, they will find the center to be a source of socializing that they enjoy.