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New Trends In Elderly Home Care That Makes It Possible For You To Continue Living At Home Instead Of A Nursing Home

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Home is especially close to the heart of elderly people. It's where you want to spend the rest of your life and not in a nursing home. Emerging trends in elderly care are designed to make sure you stay in your home while receiving all the elderly care you need. Today's home care trends afford you a healthy, safe and vibrant lifestyle.

Transmitting Your Weight Checks From Home To Your Doctor

Your weight check is the first thing you must have taken by a nurse before you see your physician in the practice's office. Scales are now designed to take your weight in your home and directly transmit the information to your doctor. Your weight is monitored in that way and transmitted the second you step on the scale.

Monitors For Refrigerators And Medication Holders

Monitors can be fitted to your refrigerator that show when you open and close it. This alerts your family members to the fact that you are indeed using the refrigerator and eating. It's important for you to take your medications. So technology has come up with weight-driven monitors that actually measure the medication holders' weight to determine whether you have taken your medications. The holders are even designed to beep and remind you to take your medicine.

Blood Pressure Readings Transmitted To Your Doctor's Office

Your all-important blood pressure readings can be transmitted directly to your doctor by new state-of-the-art technology blood pressure measuring devices. The devices are altered to forward your readings directly to your physician from the comfort of your home.

Preventing You From Falling In Your Home

Now in place is an elderly assessment service that determines whether or not your home is fall proof. That's a long-wanted service benefit that has come to fruition, and it helps to determine how long you'll be able to safely live in your home as you age. Home care service providers are being trained to conduct the fall-proof assessments. They examine your carpeting to learn whether they are too thick. They note if the carpeting is installed without looseness that could bundle the carpeting and cause you to fall. The providers also make sure that you have enough grab bars in bathrooms that you can hold onto should you slip while standing in the shower, tub or on the bathroom floor.

Meal Choices And Possible Service Package

You don't have to cook every day or shop for food. Order prepared daily meals to be delivered or you can hire a home care worker to do food shopping and cook your meals. In fact, a home care company can help you prepare an elderly service package that suits your home needs.