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4 Ways To Manage Neck Pain

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If you suffer from neck pain, it's definitely important to seek out medical attention from your doctor if the pain persists for more than a few days. Before receiving medical treatment and even after receiving treatment, it's still important that you are managing it and controlling it on your own, as well. Here are four great ways to do this:

  1. Use Ice: Neck pain can definitely cause inflammation that only worsens the pain. The best way to reduce the inflammation is to use an ice pack or a bag of frozen fruits or vegetables with a towel to hold against your neck lightly. Be sure to use a towel to help protect your skin from the cold. From here, apply the ice for 10 or 20 minutes up to 6 times per day. 
  2. Use a Good Pillow: If you have a flat or soft pillow, you should definitely have it replaced with a firm pillow that has enough cushioning to keep your neck in a comfortable position while you sleep. If you use a pillow that is too soft or too flat, it is going to cause your neck to overstretch the muscles, which makes any pain worse. You should also try sleeping on your back since this helps keep your neck in line with your spine, which prevents unnecessary tension.
  3. Use Neck Exercises: When you suffer from neck pain, it's good to know of a few good neck exercises that can help you reduce pain. You can ask your doctor about neck exercises that are appropriate for you. These neck exercises should be done lightly so that you are not over stretching the muscles and be sure to move through each movement slowly. 
  4. Don't Drive: If you can avoid it, then it's best not to drive while you are suffering from neck pain. This is because when you drive, you often have to look over your shoulder and move your neck suddenly to check for cars around you. This can definitely strain your neck, making it even more uncomfortable to drive and potentially dangerous if you strain your neck to the point that you are not able to look straight comfortably. 

When you know these four ways to manage your neck pain, you can be sure that you are treating yourself well before and after you seek medical attention. This is going to ensure that any pain medications you have been prescribed start to kick in to the best of their abilities. It's also the best way to avoid future neck pain, as well. 

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