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4 Things To Know About Being And Egg Donor

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Infertility can be very difficult for couples who wish to conceive a child, and egg donation can make their dreams come true. As an egg donor, you will most likely be well-compensated, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it possible for a couple to grow their family. If you are considering egg donation, continue reading to see if you meet the requirements:

Ability to Commit

Egg donation is not a simple procedure that can be completed in one office visit. If you want to be an egg donor, you will need to take several medications according to schedule and also be available for several doctor appointments prior to the actual egg retrieval. If you commit to being an egg donor, the couple you are donating to will be counting on you, so it is important to ensure that you can follow through and follow a doctor's orders until the eggs are successfully retrieved.

Good Physical Health

Before being approved to be an egg donor, you will need a full physical exam to ensure that you are healthy. In most cases, you will also be required to be a non-smoker who has a body mass index that falls in the healthy range. Genetic testing may also be done to check for any abnormalities that you may carry. Age is also a factor; younger eggs tend to generally be more viable, so most reproduction specialists have a cut-off age for egg donors.

Mentally Prepared

Your psychological health will also be considered if you want to be an egg donor. Donating eggs is a huge decision, and it is important that you are mentally stable in order to make a decision of that magnitude. If you are deemed a physically good candidate for egg donation, you will most likely be screened by a psychologist to determine if you are emotionally prepared for the process.

Birth Control Requirements

During the egg donation process, you will need to take different medications that regulate your menstrual cycle and egg production. For this reasons, women using an IUD, implant birth control, or hormonal shot birth control are not suitable candidates to be egg donors. If you currently take oral contraceptive pills, you will need to stop during the egg donation process. In most cases, egg donors will also be required to abstain from sexual intercourse until after the eggs are retrieved. 

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