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Features That May Provide Your Loved One With Safety And Comfort While Using A Stair Lift

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If you plan to have an electric stair lift installed in your home to accommodate one of your elderly relatives when they come to visit, the following features can be added in order to provide your loved one with a safe and comfortable ride each time that they are transported up and down the steps.

Swivel And Tilt Action

Purchase a stair lift that has a seat that swivels and tilts to help your loved one enter and exit the seat in an easy manner. A seat that swivels will turn your family member away from the staircase so that they can place their feet upon a sturdy surface without needing to worry about accidentally falling down the stairs.

A seat that tilts forward can be helpful if your relative has difficulty standing up after being in a seated position or suffers from lower back pain or arthritis, which may make it difficult to move out of a standard seat that is aligned in a horizontal position.

Portable Intercom Or Emergency Alert System

Install a portable intercom system in your home that includes two devices that can be spoken into. Place one of the devices nearby you or another family member so that your elderly relative can be heard through it in case they need help operating the stair lift.

Another option to consider purchasing is an emergency alert system. Many emergency devices are lightweight and can be slipped around a neck in the same manner that a necklace would be put on. If nobody but your relative will be home, they can contact help simply by pressing a button. An emergency alert system can save your loved one's life and will prevent you from needing to worry excessively when you are going to be away from your home and your relative may decide to use the stair lift.

Comfortable Seat Cover

A thickly-padded seat cover will soothe your loved one's muscles as they are whisked up and down the steps with the help of a stair lift. If you choose a cover that has a built-in cooling or heating device, your relative can adjust the temperature to one that pleases them so that they are provided with comfort whenever they would like to be transported to a different floor in your home.

If the cover that you select has elastic edges or an adjustable strap that is used to secure it, remove it with ease when it needs to be laundered and quickly slip it back over the seat once it has been cleaned. 

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