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Instituting A Reliable Health Program Can Keep Sales Professionals On A Better Holistic Path

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Incredible performers in the office are a special type of employee. Mediocrity and even above-average performance is not part of the game for them. Such employees want to reach the pinnacle of top performance in an office. Sales professionals are like this, especially ones who earn money based on commissions. The harder they work, the more successful they are, the bigger their commission checks are. Employers positively do like such employees since they bring in huge sales. Self-driven employees have a tendency, however, to be headstrong. They might even do things that are not to their own personal benefit. At times, decisions and lifestyle choices could have a negative effect on a business. Instituting a proper employer's health program may possibly reign in the bad habits of an otherwise brilliant employee.

Employees and the Cost of Running a Business

Businesses whose employees suffer from avoidable illnesses bring equally avoidable costs to the company. In addition to health insurance premium payments going up when employees create expensive claims, companies lose money due to downtime. A sales professional who is bringing in huge revenues certainly won't be bringing any money in while taking several weeks off to address smoking or obesity related illnesses. This is why so many companies opt to utilize a rewards system designed to cajole employees into taking better care of their health.

Unhealthy Salesperson Activities

Sales professionals can be under a lot of stress to bring in big numbers. Some may turn to dangerous habits such as smoking in order to alleviate problems. More common among salespersons would be the use of stimulants to remain "sharp" when cold calling potential customers. Stimulants do not have to be illegal substances to cause harm. Constantly using energy drinks might bring forth problems including high blood pressure and other issues impacting heart health. Employers are wise to try and curtail employees' bad health habits, but doing so without the proper knowledge of how to go about things could be disastrous. Bringing in outside help would be a better strategy.

Experienced Health Advisors

Skilled members of a health coalition like Employers Health Coalition could perform an evaluation of an office and the health habits of those occupying it. Professionals with experience know what to look for in terms of health-adverse habits and, most importantly, they can advise on ways to institute improvements in a positive manner. Not only could costs end up being lowered, but the sales force would be set on a better and healthier path.