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Three Tips To Improve Your Child's Heart Health

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Heart health issues are at epidemic proportions in the Western world. People are dealing with heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, and other problems that are rampant. Unfortunately, none of these issues are exclusive to adults -- children also deal with heart issues that can be detrimental to their health or their lives. In order to help your child get their heart health back in order, consider these tips below and become an active participant in making the right decisions in their life. 

#1: Find A Quality Pediatric Cardiologist 

 If your child is having heart health issues, you need to find them a specialist. Your child's pediatric physician can only do so much — you'll need a board certified professional who is skilled at identifying cardiovascular issues and providing poignant remedies. This might require you to adjust your child's health insurance plan. A pediatric cardiologist visit can cost anywhere between $200 and $400 for a routine appointment alone. Make sure that you find a pediatric cardiologist who comes very highly recommended. Take your child for a visit and gauge the way that the doctor interacts with your child and gets the most out of each diagnosis. You'll need someone who you can work alongside and who has heart health recommendations that you can enforce in the household.

#2: Change The Diet

Once your child is diagnosed with any sort of health problem, immediate dietary changes must be made. Get rid of fried foods, sweets, and sugary beverages, and make it a point to buy groceries, as opposed to eating fast food. Simple decisions, such as cutting out soda, can have tremendous benefits. For example, a single soda each day can make your child 60% more likely to deal with obesity. Make sure that you give them plenty of green vegetables and salmon, as salmon is packed with heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

#3: Help Your Child Get Active

 Making sure that your child is constantly moving the body will work wonders for their heart health. Think about activities you can sign them up for. Even if your child is not a fan of organized sports, activities like martial arts or roller blades go a long way toward speeding up their heart and improving the cardiovascular health. Some of today's video games have active movement, so if your child loves games, considering purchasing one to encourage them.

Apply these tips to help your child get their heart health back in order.