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How To Get DNA When The Father Is Deceased

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The hardest thing is when a parent loses a child. The journey through this grief is long and difficult. It is even harder when a woman is saying that your deceased son fathered her child. You cannot ignore this matter because the mother can come after your son's estate for child support. Read on to find out how to get DNA when the father is deceased.

Who Is The Legal Father?

If the deceased father did not legally and publicly acknowledge the child, then the mother of the child has to prove paternity. A paternity testing is done with A DNA collection of your buccal cells. This means collecting DNA from the cells on the inside of your cheek. To determine paternity, you need samples from the father and the child. It gets a little tricky when the father is deceased when trying to collect DNA.

Get Posthumous DNA Samples

A posthumous sample is done after a person is deceased. It is common for the mortician and coroner to take some DNA samples. These DNA samples may include blood, hair, or fingernail clippings. If you want posthumous DNA samples, then you need to contact the mortician, coroner or medical examiner. These samples can be available for several years following the burial of the deceased.

Collect The Father's Genotype

The genotype is a set of genes located within your DNA. These genes are responsible for particular traits. If you do not have a genetic sample from the father for paternity, then you can collect DNA from the surviving family members.

The lab technician collects the DNA from the deceased father's parents and siblings. The genotype of the deceased father can be reconstructed from these samples.  

Contact Medical Offices

Contacting medical offices are another way to get DNA samples. There are circumstances that require you to submit DNA for testing and treatment. If you ever had your hemoglobin checked, then you had to submit a blood sample. You can contact the medical facility that your deceased loved one went to about DNA samples. This approach allows you to get a before death genetic sample.

You do not need any negative distractions when going through the loss of a loved one. It helps to find out the truth as soon as possible. DNA testing is the only way to get the answer. You do not want to invest your time in a child without knowing paternity. For more information, contact establishments like Affordable DNA USA.