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Six Mistakes That Compromise Your Medical Coding Effectiveness

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Coding to deal with billing issues is an essential task for any medical practice. Coding helps ensure that a patient's insurance will cover needed medical procedures and can increase revenue for medical practices that do it properly.

Unfortunately, a lot of medical practices are making mistakes that are detracting from the effectiveness of their medical coding. The following are mistakes to avoid that compromise your medical coding service effectiveness:

Failing to communicate effectively with patients

Communicating with patients regarding their treatment and their insurance coverage is an important aspect of proper medical coding. 

Staff members at your practice need to know how to communicate effectively regarding payment policies and the verification of insurance information. Patients can often provide helpful information to ensure that claims are submitted more accurately, so communicating with them effectively is essential. 

Putting rejected claims aside

Any claim that is rejected after it is coded and submitted needs to be studied to find out the reason why it was rejected. A rejected claim should be regarded as a learning opportunity by your practice.

The more claims you have accepted, the easier medical treatment is going to be for both your practice and your patients. Study rejected claims to look for trends and to determine why claims tend to be rejected at your practice. 

Not conducting audits to check for accuracy

Auditing your coding procedures is important. When you conduct audits, you can make sure that your claims are being coded accurately and you can discover any bottlenecks in the coding process that are slowing down the progress of individual claims. 

Handling medical coding in house rather than outsourcing

It can be difficult for healthcare staff to handle coding procedures along with taking care of numerous other tasks on a daily basis.

You should consider the benefits of outsourcing your coding. By outsourcing coding, you can be sure that highly trained coders specializing in the work are handling your coding so that it is done as accurately and efficiently as possible. 

Not giving staff adequate training regarding coding matters

Any staff members at your office should have at least some basic understanding of what medical coding is and how it works. This can help them to handle medical records in such a way that coding needs are met and handled more efficiently. 

Being unaware of changes in healthcare coding standards

Coding in healthcare is constantly changing with new updates to insurance policies and procedures. You need to make sure your staff members remain informed regarding health common procedure coding system (HCPCS) changes so that they continue to follow all the new reporting guidelines that are in force.