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Why You Should Work With A OB/GYN Even If You Have A Midwife Or Doula

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When you are pregnant, you have many decisions to make about how you want to handle your pregnancy and childbirth. One of the things you may have decided is to hire a midwife or a doula to provide you with guidance and support throughout your pregnancy and during the birthing process. However, there are many reasons why you should still work with a doctor of obstetrics (an OB/GYN) even if you have a midwife or doula. Get to know some of the reasons to work with an OB/GYN in addition to your midwife or doula. Then, you can be sure you make the right decision for your health and well-being throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth. 

An OB/GYN Monitors Your Health and Baby's Health

One of the many reasons to work with an OB/GYN in addition to working with a midwife or doula is that an OB/GYN is tasked with monitoring both your health and baby's health. Your body will go through a lot during pregnancy, and sometimes this can cause issues. 

Gestational diabetes, for example, can develop in even healthy women during pregnancy, causing issues with blood sugar that can affect the woman's and the baby's health. Having regular appointments with an OB/GYN will help to monitor for such issues and will help to prevent them from ending badly for mother and baby alike. 

Doctors run blood tests and do other examinations regularly during pregnancy to ensure the health of the mother and child. Midwives may be nurses, but they are not necessarily equipped to do such testing. Doulas on the other hand may know physical signs and complications to watch out for but have no official medical training. As such, an OB/GYN is your best bet. 

It Is Always Good to Have Back-Up

Even if you plan to have your midwife or doula help deliver your baby, it is always a good idea to have backup. OB/GYNs understand that a woman may choose to have such pregnancy services. They accept these decisions and most of the time, will not push you to change your mind (unless there is a compelling reason to like a complicated pregnancy). 

And OB/GYNs are even okay with being the back-up plan on the day of delivery. It is always good to have a "plan B" just in case something does not go right on the day of childbirth. If your baby is a breach, for example, a doctor may need to step in to try to rotate the baby or to perform an emergency c-section. 

If delivery just does not go according to plan, the baby is in distress, or you are in distress, it is good to have a doctor at the ready to step in and provide the necessary medical care. Having a doctor you know and trust already to do this will make the prospect of a complicated delivery a bit less scary and worrisome. 

Now that you know why you should work with an OB/GYN even if you have a midwife or doula, you can be sure to schedule your first OB/GYN appointment as soon as possible. Talk to an obstetric specialist today to get started.